Make your christmas gifts extra special with Etsy

Make your christmas gifts extra special with Etsy

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It’s november, which means we will start to think about christmas shopping and the perfect gifts for our loved ones. If you are not a fan of crowded streets and shops in december, you should start your christmas shopping right away. A great source for inspiration is where you can find unique gifts for everyone. I would just make sure I order the gifts in time, because when they are handmade it might take some time to get them shipped to you. Etsy has made a special category for last minute gifts, so you cannot go wrong with this one.

What I love most about giving presents is already surprising the person with a unique and personal gift wrapping. The typical ribbon and paper gift tag is fine if the present is a great one. But you can add some christmas spirit and the feeling that you really thought about the gift with a special wrap. I love calligraphy and there is endless inspiration to wrap your gifts in a creative way. A huge trend right now is copper foil or gold foil wrapping paper or brown paper with greenery under the brown ribbon.

You want to make your christmas gift wrap extra special this time? I did the work for you and searched for the most stylish ways to wrap your gifts on What are your ideas for wrapping gifts this year? I hope you can find some inspiration below.

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My Christmas gift wrapping ideas with Etsy:

If your christmas style is Copper: Then you should definitely use some copper foil in your wrapping this year. Otherwise are copper foil stickers or a copper colored ribbon a great investment. Another idea is copper washi tape, but it looks less romantic and more modern. Ultimately romantic is copper ink calligraphy on your gift tags. On Etsy you can find talented calligraphers who will do the job for you. Just give them the names and they will send the handwritten gift tags to you.

candycrushevents via etsy



If your christmas style is Gold: Then you are the traditional christmas decor type. You can never go wrong with gold on Christmas. And here you have endless possibilities because most of the christmas supplies are gold. To make gold gift wrapping more personal, you can customize your wrap. On Etsy you can find lasercut gift tags with names, gold calligraphy gift tags and ready to give christmas cards. Golden stickers are so pretty, you can also use them for your christmas decor in the house.




If your christmas style is Natural: Then you should use nature’s greenery and/or berries and leaves in your gift wrapping. You can place cute little mistle toes under your ribbons. Greenery looks best if it is combined with brown wrapping paper. Feathers and other natural details are also a great match. Natural gift wrapping is so refreshing next to all the shiny foil paper that lies around. And of course it benefits our nature due to good waste.

candycrushevents natural


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