Shop-Tipp: ChiChi London

Shop-Tipp: ChiChi London

Photos by Michael At Hamburg Photography

Today I can show you one of my favorite outfits of this month: my new blue dress by ChiChi London. They have just as Virgos Lounge many pretty dresses to choose from. Elegant for the evening or printed for a sunny day and casual occasion, everyone can find a pretty dress in their collection. Another dress of ChiChi London is captured in my shooting with OUTFIT Kiel Hamburg.  During my shooting with Michael it was freezing cold, it’s definitely not yet the time to wear short dresses here in Hamburg. We went on top of the Dockland building in the harbor of Hamburg, it was such a stunning view. If it wouldn’t have been so cold, I could have stared at the ships passing by forever. Definitely a must-see when you’re in Hamburg!

If you like this look you can find the outfit details below. Happy shopping! Anma





Dress: ChiChi London  / Scarf: Accessory Street  / Jewelry: Charming Charlie

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