Spring Trend: Blue as the night

Photos by Borys-Las-Opolski / H&M by Creative Head Hair & Make-Up

This is the last outfit from my first fashion shoot with Borys and Lukas. I call it Blue as the night. I am wearing a blue dress and black jacket from Paris2Day. Paris2Day was my favorite store during my time in Groningen in the Netherlands. They have trendy clothes, but are not expensive and they always have a piece that is out of the box. I bought a lot of clothes there and I always got my friends asking: Oh where did you get that? It looks so cute!

I thought I can never go wrong with a trendy piece I bought at that store. I combined black and blue for this outfit, because I think you can totally wear this combination. I have heard that there was a time where you couldn’t match the two contrasting colours, but today it is fine. I think it looks chic and glamorous.

For this part of the shooting we went to the Hallerstraße, where you have the big media building on the corner. It was already in the late evening but the place in front of the building was still filled with light from the spots of the building. It makes the blue of my dress really stand out.




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