Shop-Tipp: Smitten

Photography by Color & Art / Make Up by Anika Hecht Hair & Make Up / Supported by Public Images PR

Trend Statement Necklaces: A huge trend for this spring season is a trend that has already begun last year: statement necklaces. And they look especially pretty if they are made from precious jewels and are handmade. I am not talking about bold necklaces from Primark, although they would do of course if you need a statement for your party outfit. I mean really pretty gemstones from Konplott or this one from Smitten. They are a little bit more expensive but you can see the value in the way they shine in the sunlight. This blue necklace matches my jacket from ICHI so well. If you choose a color that matches  the color of your eyes, it makes your face look brighter. Statement necklaces are best worn over tops in one color or dresses. A dream coming true for every girly girl. There is definitely no too much or too big.

The jacket I am wearing in the photos of this trend watch is from ICHI: It is a short blazer jacket that is very light and makes a really nice silhouette.  I got it from Wina from public images PR. You should definitely check out their online shop. That counts also for Smitten. They not only make nice necklaces but also other fashion accessories. Worth the visit!

The photos are taken in the Speicherstadt in Hamburg. We were so happy that it was sunny, but it was literally ice cold. I was freezing a lot, you can see it on my red fingers. But Christian did such a great job, making it look like a pretty  summer day. If you like this look, you can find the outfit details below!




 Dress:  Asos /  Necklace: Smitten / Blazer jacket: ICHI

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