Spring Trends: LC Lauren Conrad

Photos by Borys Las-Opolski & Lukas Genert / H&M by Creative Head Hair & Make-Up

Fake leather pants: This is my most popular outfit of the day so far! I chose my favorite fake leather pants, because it makes my outfit look cool in an easy way. They are so comfy and I can combine them with everything. I know that they are so ‘in’ at the moment and you can see them on almost every fashionista. But since they are so easy to match with your wardrobe, it’s no wonder.

For this outfit I combined the pants with a top from LC Lauren Conrad and a fake leather jacket from H&M. The top is very girly, that’s why it’s best to wear it with cool accessories. My hair and make up is done by Laurie from Creative Head Hair & Make Up. She chose to keep it natural for this look, because it matches the apricot of the top. If you don’t have a fake leather panty yet, get one! They fit everyone.

This outfit even got featured as Chic of the Week by laurenconrad.com. So cool to read the comments from American girls under my outfit.





Flower Print Blazer: This outfit was inspired by one of my recent tv-obsessions: The Carrie Diaries. I know it is not one of the most intellectual and innovative series out there (totally sad that the series is probably not going into season two…), but the way Carrie, the leading role, is dressed is really cool. Taking place in the 80s, she is mixing colours and patterns and is not afraid to stand out. My flower print blazer is from LC Lauren Conrad (my style crush since The Hills Season 1 Episode 1). I thought I am gonna pull a Carrie and mix two patterns. Et voilà, my outfit for the day. My necklace is selfmade, I am creating new sentences with the golden letters every time I go out. Love it! For me fashion means to find your own style. By just buying items you love at first sight.

No matter if they suit your figure or if they match the rest of your wardrobe. So that’s why my closet seems like a big circus where nothing fits the rest and I am also one of the ladies who stand in front of their closet and think: Nothing’s in it! Well, usually I try a few things and then the problem is solved. But I also like to stand out at times. And I love colours. So I am always trying to wear one stand-out piece and the rest is less important. My outfit might not be perfect head-to-toe, but through that I was able to find my own style. And I just follow my intuition by now.

I went with Borys for this fashion shoot down the stairs in the ‘Treppenviertel’ in Hamburg, which leads to the river Elbe. So hard to walk in my high heels. But so beautiful to watch the sun set.







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