The beauty shoot: NAKED by Urban Decay Cosmetics

Photos by Michael At Hamburg Photography

I love my two NAKED palettes by Urban Decay Cosmetics. I know they are a huge trend right now, but what I think about make up is that quality is key. Of course the palettes are pricy, but the eyeshadow palette is worth the money. Many shades to choose from depending on the occasion and I use it on a daily basis, because the soft shades are complimenting your eye color.

The NAKED on the run palette comes with blush powder, a lip gloss and an eye pencil and mascara. It has the same great quality, but it is more for travels when you need to freshen up your make up, but you are still carrying a bigger bag to keep it in.

As you guys know I only apply a foundation, rouge, mascara and eye shadow on a daily basis. But because I use it daily I want things to be easily applied. We shot this pictures right before we went on the rooftop and I am already wearing my blue embellished gown. You can find all pics in our ‘Stormy Weather‘-post.

I hope you guys now that you can shop Urban Decay in my shop, take a look at the products below these photos.

Happy monday, Anma





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