The fashion store: Blonde No. 8

Photos by Patrick Hargens / Supported by Fashion Affaire

Here I show you the result of a very special collaboration. When I ordered my Blonde No. 8 parka via Fashion Affaire I couldn’t wait to unpack it and try it on. And I have to admit, it’s a jacket you can travel the world with. It will keep you warm in any place, because of the high quality it’s made with. Wearing it with 20 degrees in november I couldn’t show you the piece with pants on. Ways to warm. I also wanted to show you my bike which I am really proud of. Because I installed the basket on it myself. I replaced the front light, got my hands dirty and now I love to ride my bike!

Last friday I took part in the Critical Mass bike ride in Hamburg. What an experience! We started at the Alster and went with another 1000 bike riders through the city, stopping cars so we could drive on the streets. Everyone brought beer and music and it was such a funny thing to bike through the city in a massive group. Although after two hours I was so exhausted and I was suddenly the last one of the whole mass, escorted by the police to not wander off. So it was a little bit too long, but in the beginning it was fun. Especially because I had the prettiest bike. The basket was a gift from my colleagues. Thanks again guys!


Blonde No. 8 is a German brand for exclusive jackets. Founded by Michael Boveleth, the brand focuses on young women who are looking for jackets with a better quality than Zara, but not as expensive as real high end designers. At Blonde No. 8 you pay for the quality, not the name. Because the retail market is highly competitive, Boveleth tries to focus on only jackets instead of making a whole women’s collection. He says that is what the future holds, because women today want to mix and match and creating high quality key pieces is the way to go.

Through their specialization they are selling their jackets to high end fashion retailers like Breuninger or Loden Frey. Now you can get the jackets across Europe, in Germany as well as France, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland and Italy. You can get your own cosy parka in our Online-Shop.





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