The portrait shoot: 50 shades of …

The portrait shoot: 50 shades of …

Photos by Dorografie / Wearing: Eniqua / Supported by Stadtgespräch PR


Sure, this shooting was supposed to be sexy and intimate and the results are amazing, but of course it is not supposed to be too sexy. Doro has shot some great portraits of us during this moment of time. I really love these pics. They document me and my boo in a really pretty way. Many couples want pictures of their love and often they go to studios and make posed portraits to hang up on the wall or their walls are spread with selfless from vacations. I also have some snapshots on the wall because they are quick, easy and spontaneous memories. But me as a photographer I think a lot about how to decorate my walls. And every picture is framed pretty. That’s why I want the most beautiful portraits possible of us to show.

I asked Doro for these pictures because I know that she has an eye for what is intimate but still looks like a very beautiful portrait picture. I am wearing a black tunic from Eniqua. It is perfect for these pictures, because it looks like I could wear it to bed, but still it’s very fashionable with the lace and cut-outs. It’s actually made for the beach, you should check out their shop. They have tunics and light dresses and bikinis in all sort of colors.

So, why the title..50 shades of…love. Well the first thing my mom said when she saw these pictures was that they remind her of 50 shades of Grey the movie. I immediately said, mom, no. Of course they are playing with shades of light, some lighter some darker, that’s what makes them so pretty. But no resemblance intended to the movie while shooting of course. 50 shades of love is a much sweeter title, because love is sometimes complicated, sometimes not, but it has many different shades and colors, still it’s true.

Have a lovely first of may!

Love, Anma

preview MI






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