Trend Watch Fall 2016

Trend Watch Fall 2016

Hey guys,

I came up with a new Pinterest board, for all the fall 2016 fashion trends you can shop right now. What’s new is that you can join this Pinterest board and add your fall outfits as well. Just send me a message and I’ll invite you. You can see that my shop got a fall makeover as well. It’s getting stormy outside, the leaves are falling and you want to stay inside for a hot cup of cocoa or tea and cuddle yourself in a huge blanket. So you need the right wardrobe pieces to go outside. When I was making the Pinterest board I saw that there are some major trends for this fall to look stylish this season. So I made a list of these items, inclusing links on where to shop them.

These are the must have items to have in your closet right now:

  • Suede Accessories are everywhere. This comes along with the boho trend that was going on already this summer. Dressed in natural colors, like beige, brown and black, suede accessoires like choker necklaces in brown, a burgundy handbag or darf green booties are complimenting a dark outfit in a stylish way.
  • A big plaid scarf is a statement piece when your statement necklace is hiding under your coat or is staying at home. A plaid scarf or poncho gets all the attention and it keeps you super warm. This can be in any color, als long as it looks oversized.
  • Flat Booties are what you just need in fall. If it rains and you need to work, you don’t want the high heels, you want the flat booties. These can vary in style, from grunge to suede to chelsea. As long as they are flat they belong in your closet right now.
  • A beige/camel handbag is a blogger’s favorite this season. A camel bag compliments any outfit and it is a great choice if you don’t want to go black from head to toe.
  • A Trench or black leather jacket – here it’s up to you. I see a lot of trench coats in any color, but also the leather jacket ist still a great option for chilly but not ice cold nights. And they look cool. So you can wear the trench to work, and the jacket for going out. Perfect.

Let me know: Whats your favorite trend for fall? Do you have a piece that you can’t live without?

Love, Anma

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  1. Big, plaid scarves are my favorite! Great post!

    • Thank you!


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