Trend Watch Summer 2016

Trend Watch Summer 2016

Hey guys!

Today I want to give you a short overview of my trend watch for summer 2016. I know the end of summer is getting closer, but still we can wear our summer wardrobe a few weeks still and second, it feels way to early to start thinking about warm clothes to keep you warm right? So as you can see I made a Pinterest board to have a great overview of the trends I found and the key pieces that should be in your summer wardrobe this year. I am going on vacation soon, so I still shopped for these trends, also because I think they are super cute and I can transform them into my fall wardrobe. Here is my list of this year’s biggest summer trends (including links to shop them). Have a great week end enjoy the last super warm days of summer!

  • Laced Up Heels were super on trend this summer. Not only did Steve Madden start this on laced up flats, but laces are also lovely on heels. Every shop has their own designs right now. In fall you could wear these closed in the front. Also huge: Fringes and tassels on your shoes. And bold colors!
  • Off the shoulder Tops were a blogger’s favorite this season. Sometimes made out of a man’s shirt, sometimes like a 70’s dress, off the shoulder tops and shirts are a major trend. A little sexy, but not showing too much skin – a very old trend rediscovered!
  • Bathing suits are also having a major revival. A bathing suit is flattering and it gives you a very fashionable look. With sexy cutouts and in black, a swimsuit can be sexier than any bikini. But also in bold colors, you can spice up your swimwear this season. Add a tunique with tassels and mirrored glasses and you will steal the spotlight as a fashionista!
  • Rosegold jewelry is something that will probably be on the trend lists of every upcoming season even until 2018. Rose gold is everywhere. In jewelry, in sequins on tops, in home decor, on shoes, phone cases.. you name it. Matching jewelry from ring to bracelet to watch to sunnies is especially cute. make sure yuo invest in quality jewelry so you don’t end up having black jewels at the end of summer.
  • Cut out jeans are one of my favorite trends this summer. They add a little sexiness and bad ass to any sporty outfit. I like it on black skinny jeans, but I can see many girls wearing it in boyfriend jeans too. One cut out jeans should at least be in your wardrobe.

Are there any other trends you discovered? Is there something in your wardrobe you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Anma

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