Trend Watch Winter 2016

Trend Watch Winter 2016

Hello lovelies,

It’s time for a new Pinterest board with the most popular winter fashion trends of this year. I am always getting excited for christmas shopping and choosing a pretty dress to wear during the holidays. We have a great party coming up every year, so of course I want to dress my best on christmas day. But also the days leading to christmas are a great way to wear the trends of this season like a pretty coat or a cozy poncho.

Just because the weather is not nice, doesn’t mean we should just dress practical. There are so many ways to look like a supermodel off duty and still be comfotable and warm and safe. In this post I show you the big fashion trends of winter 2016 with direkt links to an overview in my shop. So you just need to pick your favorite trend, choose a color and price and your new fashion item will be in your closet a few days later.

The must have items for your winter fashion in 2016:

  • A colorful coat – many bloggers and fashionistas are choosing for brighter colors than black and grey in their winter wardrobe. This can go from light pink to light blue to darker tones of green, blue and burgundy. Just don’t be afraid to wear something colorful in winter. So cute, I love this trend, I’m wearing rose right now.
  • A cozy plaid poncho – These are not only fashionable but you benefit from them the most when it’s freezing. It’s like a huge comfy blanket around your neck. I think every women agrees on this one. The bigger the better. I love my ponchos because I get cold pretty fast. I just wear them like a scarf under the coat or jacket. Not if I want to be chic and go out, but definitely in my spare time and to work.
  • Layers! This is not a new trend, but wearing a boyfriend shirt under a knitted sweater is so on trend right now. Combined with skinny jeans they look comfy and stylish. Also you can use any long shirt, tunique or short dress to wear over your pants and put a vest, knitted sweater or normal sweatshirt over it. It’s the I look cool without trying look.
  • Dressing monochrome – I see this very often now. Women dressing in Black or Grey from Head to Toe. That could be black booties, black skinny jeans, a black sweater and a black coat and sunnies. Sounds super dark, but you can take a look at my Pinterest board below, to find some really cool outfits sporting this trend. It’s the model off duty look and not too dark at all.
  • A sparkly body hugging christmas dress – oh yeah it’s the season to dress up! This year we go from ballgowns to body hugging tight fitted dresses. The more they sparkle the better. But you can also combine a sparkly top with sequins with a loose skirt or pants. It just needs to be dark and glitter. So feminine.

What are your favorite trends this winter? Send me a message if you want to join our Pinterest board!

Love, Anma

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